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    • 07.11 CG Atrem tender has been selected Contrast, a company belonging to the Atrem Group had submitted a tender which was indicated as the most favourable by Enea Operator SA.
    • 05.07 Atrem -Microsoft Gold Partner

      At the end of June we upgraded our level in the Microsoft partnership programme from the silver to the golden one. 

    • For Partners

      Enjoy platform dedicated to suppliers of the Atrem Group . The platform includes a set of modern electronic tools supporting the implementation of business processes.

    • Elektroenergetyka

      Contrast specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing activity in the power industry. The Company employs proprietary solutions to...


    Atrem Group operates in the engineering industry and is active in industrial automation and the power sector. The Group is a general contractor for investment projects as well as a subcontractor for the largest construction companies in Poland.

    The Group’s investment projects include, among others, expanding the sewage treatment plant in Głogów and a control and metering station for EuRoPol Gaz; building a trigeneration system for Budimex; and building and upgrading fifteen or so sub-stations and power lines for Poland’s largest utilities.

    Atrem employs state-of-the-art technologies to create solutions and provide services. It holds many certificates and industry permits. Atrem’s partners include Schneider...