Atrem was founded in 1999. At the beginning, the company focused on orders originating from the gas industry. The company has gradually begun providing services for the construction sector, energy sector, water and sewage sector, public construction sector, infrastructural engineering and environment protection segment. Atrem has simultaneously been developing proprietary solutions within gas air conditioning and “intelligent building” systems.




In 2007, the company acquired shares of an energy sector construction company – Contrast, which initiated the formation of Atrem Group. Through providing comprehensive solutions and experience gained for many years, Atrem’s role as a general contractor was growing increasingly.

In 2008, Atrem had their debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The income from public share issue has allowed the company for financing dynamic growth. More companies had joined the Group: Elektro-System specializing in low power and high-power grids and Dom-Mar conducting activities within HVAC installations.


The Group structure has been regulated over the subsequent years. Dom-Mar merged with Atrem, and Elektro-System with Contrast. Atrem has also become a sole shareholder of Contrast.


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