Atrem Group focuses its activity on specific areas of construction market: gas, electricity and advanced technologies of buildings which offer less competition and higher profit margins.

The Atrem Group can be one of the beneficiaries of the planned investments within projects related to enhancing the energy security. In the upcoming years, the largest fuel and energy companies are planning investments related to the modernization and expansion of distribution as well as transmission infrastructures that are worth several dozen billion zlotys.

For instance, over the period of 2015-2015, the Gaz System company is planning on building over two thousand kilometers of gas pipelines in Western, Southern and Eastern Poland. It is planned to expand the national gas transmission grid, including new gas pipelines as part of the North-South Gas Corridor. The construction of inter-system connections with Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic shall constitute a significant share in the development of the European transmission system.

On the other hand, PGNiG has a distribution grid over 120 thousand km long and each year spends about PLN 1 billion for its development and modernization. Over the period of 2017-2022, PGNiG will invest over PLN 34 billion. Nearly half of the investment (45%) will be related to exploration and exploitation.

Over the years 2018-2027, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne are planning to spend PLN 12.4 billion for investments related to the transmission grid. The development plan assumes the construction of 4.15 thousand km of new 400 kV line current circuits, construction of only 150 km of 220 kV line current circuits and the modernization of over 2 thousand km of existing 400 kV line current circuits.

Four largest energy groups, meaning PGE, Tauron, Enea and Energa are planning on investing about PLN 35 billion until 2020 in the development of distribution grids.

The advanced buildings technologies sector has also a promising potential. More and more investors decide on equipping their facilities in modern solutions that offer enhanced building management.

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