Renewable energy source – an energy source which during processing uses the following energy: wind, sunlight, geothermal, waves, tides and sea currents, energy obtained from the fall of rivers, energy obtained from biomass, landfill biogas as well as biogas produced in the process of sewage disposal and treatment, or decomposition of plant and animal remains.

Therefore, in order to implement the above solutions, Poland as an EU member is obliged to introduce solutions, within a certain period of time, related to a percentage share of RES in the total energy output from national sources. Activities within RES are connected to EU co-financed programs. Projects are subject to a settlement during investment implementation.

The implementation proposals are related to: – renewable energy fuels, meaning biomass, products of animal origin, liquid and gas fuels produced from biomass, flammable municipal waste from using biodegradable components – hydropower – geothermal energy – sunlight energy – wind energy – waves, currents and tides energy.

As a capital group, ATREM SA has as staff of engineers who are ready to implement the above tasks. Our engineers have experience in the construction of wind farms, photovoltaic systems, cogeneration systems using biogas and tri-generation systems using heat to supply absorption devices in order to produce cold for air conditioning. Our range of performed activities covers the entire investment scope, through consulting, designing, execution within the leading discipline as well as accompanying disciplines aiming at obtaining the final product. ATREM SA employs engineers specializing in sanitary and electrical installations, automation, IT area, which significantly facilitates cooperation and execution of large investment projects.

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